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Brief Summary of the Post-'08 Regulatory Environment (Notes on Finance)

  • EU:
    • MiFID 2[1] (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, 2018–):
      • Unbundling of research and trade execution.
      • OTC trading moved to regulated exchanges & clearing houses.
      • Commission payments from platforms to financial advisors banned.
      • More extensive reporting requirements.
    • PSD2[2] (Second Payment Services Directive, 2018–):
      • 'Open banking': Forcing retail banks to open up customer data (with consent) to third-parties, via open APIs .
      • Expansion of businesses covered by legislation.
      • Consumer protection (Fees, refunds, overdrafts, ...).
    • GDPR[3] (General Data Protection Regulation, 2018–):
      • Summary:
        • Explicit consent.
        • Data portability.
        • 'Right to be forgotten'.
        • Data protection by design.
        • Data breach notification.
      • Fines (4%/€20m).
  • US:
    • Dodd-Frank[4] (Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, 2010–):
      • Greater supervision of financial instittuions (Incl. HFs, PE funds.), greater SEC enforcement powers + whistleblower bounty.
      • Volcker Rule[5] (2015–): Ban on proprietary trading.
      • Derivatives move to exchanges/clearing houses.
      • Bank and non-bank financial institutions designated as 'SIFIs' and have to write a 'living will'.
  • UK:
    • Banking Reform Act[6] (Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act 2013, 2019–)
      • UK banks to separate ('ringfence') retail banking division from investment banking division[7].
      • Divided the Financial Services Authority into 3 bodies[8], with a 'twin peaks'/dual regulation approach[9]:
        1. FCA (Financial Conduct Authority): Focusses on financial institutions' conduct, market integrity and promoting consumer protection[10].
        2. PRA (Prudential Regulation Authority, part of the Bank of England): Focusses on financial institutions' prudential obligations (Prudential = Managing risk, and monitoring capital requirements.).
        3. FPC (Financial Services Authority, part of the Bank of England): Focusses on systemic risks and economic resilience[11].
  • Intergovernmental:
    • Basel 3[12] (Third Basel Accord, 2019(?)–):
      • Covers bank capital adequacy, stress testing, market liquidity risk.
        • Intended to strenghten bank capital requirements by increasing bank liquidity & decreasing bank leverage.
      • Summary:
        • Capital requirements: Tier 1 capital (Equity+cash) + Tier 2 (Accounting) + Capital conservation buffer (Equivalent to risk-weighted assets) + Counter-cyclical buffer (National regulator discretion, during high credit growth period.).
        • Minimum leverage ratio.
        • Liquidity requirements.

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